Friday, August 21, 2009

Grandma Camp 2009

This is Ethan, Amelia and Hayden petting a pig. This is also during the time that Brock was lost. Poor Brock. I felt so bad that I left him at the bathroom and he couldn't find us.

Ethan, Brigham and Johnnie got to ride up front on the wagon ride.

Angela is holding Hayden. Hyrum Amelia and Brock are on the side with Johnnie and Ethan are up front.

Brock, Brigham and Amelia found one of the few rides they were tall enough to ride on. Hyrum got to ride it with his mom and the look on his face was priceless! He looked scared to death!

On our last day we went to DQ for ice cream. Amelia, Lia and Hyrum are enjoying their Blizzards.

More Grandma Camp 2009

Even Regan got on the pony with Brigham.

Hyrum liked the ponies too.

Amelia REALLY liked the pony ride!

Johnnie and Ethan were to heavy to ride the ponies so they went on the bungie jump.

Ethan can do a back flip!

More Grandma Camp

We went to the county fair on Thursday. Hayden's favorite thing was the pony ride!

Ethan tried out the stuff in the science center.

These are all the kids that went to the fair... before I lost Brock! Poor Brock. This is l to r: Hayden, Brock, Johnnie, Brigham, Ethan, Amelia and Hyrum.

Hyrum and Hayden played with squirt guns.

Hayden loves bugs and things. She is showing me a frog they caught.

Grandma Camp 2009

This year for Grandma Camp we did lots of fun stuff. On Tuesday we went to the Madras Auquatic Center with all 10 grandkids and Angela and Jenniann. Even Regan at 4 months old loved the water. She went to sleep in it. This is Angela, Johnnie and Regan.

Hayden is giving me the stare. She had lots of fun as long as Grandma or Johnnie was playing with her.

Ethan loved the slide....

and so did Johnnie!

Short Vacation

My brother's, Steve and Kent, and I met for the weekend on the Oregon Coast to spread the ashes of our Dad who passed away in March 08. Mark didn't make it. We enjoyed the weekend together.
This is l to r: Steve's wife Elaine, daughter Megan, Steve, Kent, Kent's wife Jewell, Curt (holding Dad), Me, Emily.
Steve flew from Omaha so it was a treat to visit the ocean. Emily also flew out for the visit.

Emily and Megan enjoy hanging out together. We stayed at the Inn at Spanish Head in the background.
Steve wanted to visited the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville to see the Spruce Goose. It is HUGE!
This is a rare photo where Steve allowed a smile and stood still.
We also visited the Japanese Gardens in Portland. Emily is being a little "cheesy".
We went on an awesome whitewater trip down the Deschutes one day too, but I'll have to get those photos developed. They weren't on my digital camera.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Home of the Wild

This is the hay barn on our farm. If you look in the front corner on the top bale of hay, you can almost see a Canadian Goose sitting on it's nest. It has been there for several weeks. Sometimes the daddy goose comes and stands guard. He will raise quite a fuss to get you to go away.
Here is a better shot of the momma on her nest!

All 10 grandkids

This past weekend Amanda's family came to visit for the blessing of Reagan. It was their first time "home" since we moved and the kids all had a good time exploring. It was a little rainy and muddy. They got to ride the 4-wheeler and had a sleepover at grandma's.
Seated on the sofa left to right: Johnnie, holding Reagan, Ethan, holding Macquarie, Brock, Amelia, and Lia. On the floor is Brigham, Hayden and Hyrum.